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Staff Spotlight:
Peter O'Leary,
Director of Information Technology
Peter O
Peter manages NTI's corporate IT infrastructure, including the website, internal networking, data management, and technical support. He was also instrumental in developing the company's distance training programs. Before coming to NTI, Peter was a senior IT consultant.


When he's not working, Peter enjoys softball, photography, and vacationing in Hawaii.
NTI Webinar for State VR Counselors

Would you and your colleagues like to attend a webinar to learn more about NTI and its programs? 


Attend a 45-minute, live and interactive online session and learn the details of referral, application, interviewing, NTI free training, job placement, and coaching. Plenty of time is reserved to answer your questions.

Have your state's central point of contact email VRInfo@ntiathome.org 

for further information. 

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National Telecommuting Institute Newsletter
June 2012

Hello from NTI! 


What do you as a professional in VR want to learn about the world of virtual work? Do you wonder about the types of jobs available for your consumer?  Does your consumer have the right skill set to be successful? What about the technology needed to ensure a proper home office? Send your feedback, questions, or concerns to VRInfo@ntiathome.org.


The NTI Team are experts in the virtual staffing industry. Our passion is training and placing individuals with severe disabilities in the right job. Our shared goal can mean success to put your consumer to work. 

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IRS Order Entry Positions Still Available


We continue to recruit for one the best jobs in the virtual world! Although the IRS Order Entry Clerk jobs are seasonal, this job provides an excellent experience for your motivated consumer who strongly desires a fast-paced position, wants to learn, and wants to enhance their customer service skills. 


Because the job is part of the Service Contract Act, the rate of pay is good (generally $9.00 -$13.00/hr) as well as a Health & Welfare benefit of $3.59 per hour worked to be used towards health-related expenses. And, this contract provides $1.00 per hour worked towards Internet/phone expense up to $80.00/month. 


The job starts off slowly and builds momentum for the IRS tax season. The best performers are asked to work year round; however, most are ramped down as the peak season ends. NTI will then place most of those ramped down from the IRS job into other jobs as available.


Spaces for the IRS job are limited to those who live in selected U.S. counties. VR counselors, click here to see if we are recruiting in your county. Your consumer can be advised to visit the NTI website and review the Careers section.

NTI University 
NTI University is the educational branch of the National Telecommuting Institute. Our focus is to present free self-paced and virtual instructor-led training designed to help your consumer develop and refine the essential skills companies require of their virtual workers. The NTI Certification curriculum provides a base of knowledge for future virtual workers leading to the designation of being NTI Certifiedô. 


We also provide learning opportunities in a convenient, easy to access self-paced class format. Available 24/7, we offer Career Tools curriculum focusing on Interviewing Skills, Resume Writing, and Career Planning. Additionally, we provide Computer Class curriculum which includes classes such as Computer Basics, Internet Safety, Microsoft Office Programs and many more.

Tip of the Month: Virus Protection

This month's tip comes from our IT department!

As always, it is an absolute necessity for computer users to secure their systems and data. Computer viruses are everywhere and it is important to install Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software. Below are some links to some popular free and paid solutions that you can recommend to your consumers as they are outfitting their home office.



AVG Anti-Virus

Microsoft Security Essentials





Paid Solutions

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Norton Anti-Virus w/ Anti-Spyware

AVG Anti-Virus (Paid Edition)

NTI, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1995 to assist Americans with disabilities who strongly prefer or require home-based work. 
Our headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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