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Staff Spotlight:
Joe Bousquet,
Director of Recruiting
Joe B
Joe Bousquet is the NTI Director of Recruiting and has been with NTI since its beginnings in 1995. His extensive call center experience and ability to understand the challenges confronting call center managers suits him particularly well for his role. When he's not working, Joe loves going to the beach and collecting antiques.


Tip of the Month:
Resume Writing
Having a solid resume is very important to us and our clients. Encourage and coach your consumers to write a proper resume documenting their detailed work experience, education, and skills. Click here for a resume tutorial.
National Telecommuting Institute Newsletter
March 2012

Welcome to the monthly NTI VR counselor newsletter!

This newsletter will keep you up-to-date with all that is going on at NTI. We'll bring you the latest news on jobs and training opportunities. Each month we'll highlight a member of the staff and offer tips on working at home. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email us. VR is a valued customer of NTI, and we are looking forward to getting to know you better!

Best regards,
Alan Hubbard
Alpine Access Partnership
For over six years NTI has enjoyed a successful partnership with Alpine Access (AA) as our technical partner on NTI's AbilityOne contract handling the IRS Forms and Publications contract. Please click here for our press release.   

AA, a leader in the virtual call center space, awarded NTI's candidates a "Golden Ticket" for priority consideration for new customer service jobs. Our staffing order, for fifty agents per month, will be considered by AA for new full-time and part-time jobs. The job is currently open and listed on our Careers Website. 

IRS Job Opportunities Coming Soon
Next month we will be looking for individuals to fill 200+ IRS order entry clerk positions. A certain percentage of those positions are reserved for bilingual Spanish speakers.

As with many government jobs, the IRS order entry clerk hiring process is a long one, with interviews, background checks, and training stretching through the summer. It's all worth it, though, as these are some of our best paying jobs.

We will be posting the job description on our website when these jobs become available.
NTI Free Certification Training
NTI has been offering free certification training to our candidates for the past two years. This training prepares people for work-at-home positions by going over the computer and call center basics. We also offer self-paced online courses, such as Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), Communication Skills, Beyond Email (chat/social media), and much more.
NTI Webinar for State VR Counselors

Would you and your colleagues like to attend our informational webinar regarding NTI? Attend a 45-minute, live and interactive online session and learn the details of referral, application, interviewing, NTI free training, job placement, and coaching. Plenty of time is reserved to answer your questions.


Our feedback in presenting NTI in this manner has been extremely positive. NTI will host a webinar for your entire state so all VR counselors can have the opportunity to participate together.

Email for further information.

NTI, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1995 to assist Americans with disabilities who strongly prefer or require home-based work. 
Our headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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