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     In the summer of 2012, Carol from Dallas, TX, began her job as a Technical Support agent with one of our partners, an internationally recognized Outsourcer. She is satisfied with her work as she “enjoys speaking with customers from all over the country; I can provide them with the support they need and resolve their internet- service issues. Many of the customers are elderly, live in remote areas and require patience….they love to talk!”

An auto accident in 2003 resulted in a right-leg amputation and retirement from a twenty-three year teaching career. Challenged by travelling in order to seek employment, Carol found her perfect job match via NTIs patented recruiting call.

NTI provided Carol with both introductory and job-specific call center training in order to prepare her for virtual employment. Carol explained, “The training was great; I was inspired and excited to complete the training and get a job. The content of the training and instructors were wonderful, well organized and the information was covered thoroughly. I never worked in a call center before; I appreciated the information on how to set up my home office and to be advised about the isolation in working from home. I learned in advance I had to be self-motivated.”

Carol took advantage of the NTI self-paced courses to give her the extra customized classes she needed. She learned two new skills…Excel and Outlook Mail which “were very helpful.”

Carol works out of her studio apartment where she easily sets-up her home office before each shift. She works four hours per day, five days a week…a schedule which works well for her.

In the beginning the work was “rocky at first” but eventually settled in to the job though “I learn new things every day.” Carol humbly admitted she recently was given a certificate for the award of Employee of the Month,which sited her as “most improved.”  Carol said this was “a real boost to my confidence.”

Carol is appreciative of NTI “who has always been there for me through the hard times and provided the support I needed. I am grateful for the training and the opportunity to work.”


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