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Joyce from Colorado



This award recognizes an individual with a significant disability who has exhibited outstanding achievement and exceptional character.

    Joyce produces medical documents quickly and efficiently while working from home for the National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. She is distinguished for her attention to detail, high quality, meeting tight deadlines and seamlessly migrating between different clients. Her achievements are a shining example of how the door to professional success can be opened via proper assistive devices and the AbilityOne Program.

“Joyce’s commitment to quality work and her willingness to go the extra mile makes her a great part of the NTI team,” said Michelle Simone, director of medical transcription services at NTI. “She is willing to transcribe whenever necessary to ensure a fast turnaround time for our clients while maintaining the highest quality results. She understands that NTI relies on her to provide superbly transcribed documents and she does so every day. She pays very close attention to, and keeps track of, many small details. She is dedicated, reliable and someone we can count on to help out when there is an extra volume of work or a fast-track request.”

Joyce was a teacher until an accident injured her spine causing T-4 paralysis. “With my disability I have a time-consuming routine, to get ready for the day,” Joyce said. “My flexible job schedule helps me to take care of my daily rituals. At home, I have everything I need to care for myself, for example, I have to elevate my feet throughout the day, and this was not always possible working in an office environment.”

Typically, medical transcriptionists control the playback of recording via a foot pedal operated machine. To accommodate Joyce, a rehabilitation engineer converted the foot pedal to a base that sets to the left of the computer keyboard. She operates it via a “sip-and-puff” switch mouthpiece. “Rather than pressing a pedal to play and rewind the audio files, I simply breathe into the mouthpiece to play the audio file and puff to rewind,” Joyce said.

In her job, Anderson must transcribe complex medical terms spoken by individuals with varying dictation habits and dialects. She has to be proficient in researching terms via the Internet or hard copy and adept at multi-tasking, for example, being able to type on the computer while simultaneously listening, slowing down, and speeding up an audio recording.

Outside of work, Joyce is very active member of her church. She is a member of ladies group and serves as treasurer. She also attends the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League meetings. “Through the ladies group, I help with bake sales, craft fairs, serving meals for the Kairos Prison Ministry, preparing numerous dinners and participating in other activities,” Joyce said. “I also prepare Bible studies and programs for our monthly meetings.”

Joyce advocates for herself, is very determined and constantly strives to do the very best. She is an inspiration to her supervisor and colleagues. “She is a valuable team member of the medical transcription department and proves that people with significant disabilities can be successful in all their endeavors—working, socializing and independent living,” Simone said.




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