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   Mark Bos, one of NTI’s Core Recruiters, started his journey toward employment with NTI on a lucky day a few years back when he met Lynda Gardner, NTI’s Director of Human Resources, on the train to Gloucester, Massachusetts. As Lynda described her role working with candidates with disabilities in computer-based positions, Mark’s immediate response was “I’ll never do that!” Lynda encouraged Mark during their train trips together and he gradually decided to give it a try. “I am very intense and like to conquer obstacles,” Mark explained. “I spent hundreds of hours working with accommodation software until I was ready to accept my current position at NTI.” As a Recruiter, Mark truly enjoys giving other people with disabilities the opportunity to find employment, and describes it as “my dream job.”

Mark’s personal challenge began when, as a young man in 1985, he had a motorcycle accident while going 70 MPH. Mark recalls, “I hit a rock and my face went straight into a telephone pole, breaking every bone in my skull except for two.” He was in a coma for ten days, lost his vision, and also suffered damage to his back and left arm that continues to the present. Mark came back a long way from that fateful day and now gives talks to students on the dangers of drinking and driving: “I find it very rewarding. I recently met a young woman at a college lecture who was inspired to become an Occupational Therapist when she heard me speak at her high school.” Mark is a Certified Occupational Therapy Aid (COTA).

Mark has two sons, ages 14 and 18, and his beloved guide dog, Dudley, who has been with him for ten years. He credits his success in achieving his goals to the support of his family. Mark grew up in Westford, Massachusetts, and fondly recalls the Apple Picnic where he sold rides to children on his pony. “From an early age, I had the drive and determination to achieve in the work world. I earned the money to travel to Puerto Rico as a Foreign Exchange student in the 6th or 7th Grade,” Mark says. In addition, he spent summers with his grandmother in Cape Cod, where he worked on fishing boats and developed a life-long love of the sea, which is a big part of why he enjoys living in Gloucester.

Mark is involved in many community sports and activities including, most notably, a Blind Sailing program! In 2009 he received a Bronze Medal at the Blind Sailing World Championship Regatta held in New Zealand. Mark also works in a community sailing program with kids, which he finds very enjoyable. In addition, Mark is a drummer, performing with a band once a month at The Dog Bar, in Gloucester, and weekly at the open mic night at Celley’s in Lynn. Celley’s is renowned for having some of the top rock and pop musicians on the North Shore.

Through his personal trials and triumphs, Mark lives by a few simple words. “Always stay positive and work as hard as you can. Success will come to you.”


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