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Working with VR

VR Agency Overview

State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies provide a variety of free services to Americans with disabilities who are looking for jobs. For example, most State VR agencies will pay for the training NTI provide, as well as some or all of the expenses for the computer and other equipment you need to work from home. If you have a disability and you'd like to find a job through NTI, you should register to become a client of your state's VR agency.

Find a VR Counselor

If you aren't already working with a VR Counselor, you should contact the appropriate agency in your state to ask how you can register for Vocational Rehabilitation services. The links below take you to sites that list contact information for the agencies in every state.

After processing your application, your state’s VR agency will assign a counselor to work with you. Your counselor is your confidant and aid in helping make choices about your employment goals. If you want to work from home and an NTI interviewer has indicated that you appear to be an appropriate candidate for NTI's services, tell your VR counselor. If they don't know about NTI already, refer them to our website: ntiathome.org.

Additional Notes About Finding a VR Counselor

Please be aware that for some VR agencies, it is not uncommon for weeks or even months to go by before your counselor starts working with you. If you have identified a position with NTI you'd like to apply for, ask your agency to assign a counselor to you as soon as possible. Explain that you think you can become employed very quickly, but that a VR counselor must authorize service for you.

If for some reason, your state tells you that you don't qualify for VR assistance but you think you do, you can appeal their decision. The federal government pays for a "Client Assistance Program," called a CAP, for every state. Your state's CAP might be able to help you appeal that decision. You can find information about your state’s CAP by searching for "Client Assistance Program" and your state name in any search engine.

For additional information, please view our VR FAQ.

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