Man smiling on phone taking calls for call center.

NTI@Home is part of the non-profit National Telecommuting Institute. We are an authorized Social Security Administration Employment Network. Our mission is to train and assist people with disabilities and those who care for them to get work-from-home call center jobs.

In 2019, NTI@Home helped more than 600 individuals with disabilities find part or full-time jobs with some of the country’s top employers.

Common Concerns

  • Why does NTI ask me to verify my information every time I call?

    We ask you to verify some of your contact information when you call for security and verification purposes. In order to ensure we are providing you with correct information, we want to make sure we are looking at the right account. We do this by confirming your information at the time of your call. 

  • What does this cost?

    NTI is funded by government programs, so our training is free to you. If you receive a job offer from one of our partners, that employer will pay you during your on-the-job-training. 

  • Will I lose my benefits?

    Not for a long time, and possibly never. All beneficiaries get a 9-month Trial Work Period, during which benefits are not affected. If you work enough hours/month in nine months (they don't have to be in a row) to earn over a certain amount, your benefits can be reduced.  See SSA Redbook for more.  Your Medicare coverage will continue for at least 7 years and 9 months after you start work, so long as you still have a disability.  We suggest you get a part-time job, work through the Trial Work Period, and then...see how it goes. 

  • How long before I’m working?

    That depends on you, and on how many jobs are available once you complete the training. Some people land a job within a few weeks, while others need several months and multiple tries. Having a flexible schedule helps. As in any job market, we can't guarantee you'll get hired; the employers make those decisions. But we'll help you get the right qualifications. 

  • What if I need special accommodation to work, even from home?

    For now, our employers don’t offer positions that accommodate screen enlargers over 2X magnification, screen readers such as JAWS, voice recognition software such as DragonSpeak, or relay services. We are working with them to help make such jobs available, but it may take some time. For more general information, visit the Job Accommodations Network